What Mistakes Do People Make When High Pressure Washing Their Homes in Brisbane?

High-pressure cleaning is a great and effective way to remove dirt, dust, mildew and mould accumulated on your home’s exterior surfaces. It is also a perfect way for revitalising your sidewalks, driveways, roofs and retaining walls. However, if you do it wrongly, you can cause so much harm to your property. Since most homeowners in Brisbane prefer diy pressure cleaning, you must know the mistakes one can make while high-pressure cleaning their homes to avoid them. With this in mind, the following section will enlighten homeowners about the mistakes other homeowners always make while high-pressure cleaning their homes. If you can avoid these errors, you will have a very efficient cleaning process and not jeopardise your home’s integrity. Read the following section to discover homeowners’ high-pressure cleaning mistakes and how they affect them.

High Pressure Washing Mistakes People Make in Brisbane

The following are the common high-pressure cleaning mistakes homeowners in Brisbane make;

  • Failing to use safety equipment

Though most people always think that a pressure cleaner is like a water gun, it is professional equipment, not a toy.   This equipment can discharge water at very high pressure, which makes it a danger to the exterior surfaces and your body. For this reason, one must wear protective gear when they are high-pressure to clean their home. However, many homeowners need help using safety equipment while high-pressure washing their homes, and they injure themselves during the process.

  • Applying excess pressure

Using excess pressure when high-pressure cleaning surfaces can cause damage to your home’s surfaces. This is because eth high water pressure can punch holes in the sidings or cause the wood to splinter and crack the concrete. When this happens,you will need to spend so much money and time fixing the damages you cause to your property. Therefore one needs to ensure that they apply the right pressure whenever they are high-pressure cleaning their homes.

  • Operating pressure washers without experience

Though homeowners have to start from somewhere, one needs to have some experience with pressure cleaners before they start high-pressure cleaning their homes. Unfortunately, so many homeowners will watch several tutorials on different websites and believe they are ready to high-pressure clean their homes. As a result, they make silly mistakes since they are incompetent, causing so much damage to their property and injuries to themselves.

  • Using water alone

High-pressure cleaning is always an effective way to remove stubborn stains on your surfaces, ensuring your property is attractive. However, if you use water alone, as most homeowners do, you can remove the dirt and grime accumulated on the areas you are cleaning. Therefore, you will need to find out the types of cleaning products you can use while high-pressure cleaning your surfaces so that you can perform a perfect job.


Homeowners who make the above mistakes are similar to you. Therefore, you need to know that you can also make the above mistakes if you are not careful. However, now that you know the mistakes other homeowners have made while high-pressure cleaning their homes in Brisbane, you can avoid them. If you still feel that you cannot high-pressure clean your home without making these mistakes, consider hiring 1st Choice Pressure Washing Brisbane.




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